Ahhh, Venice!

I had never been to Europe. I always wanted to go to Italy but could never find anyone to travel with. Fast Forward, three husbands later, new home, new life, time to take matters into my own hands. I could no longer wait for anyone. Life is too short. I researched for a year and had my heart set on Venice not only for its charm and ancient architecture and art, but for the convenience of being in one place for 7 days with a large list of things to do. Venice is a walking city, an island. No vehicles! I packed my camera and packed my bags and off I went. I hated to fly and dreaded the long flight from Providence, RI but I sucked it up and made the best of it. I flew Aer Lingus and the flights were as good as it gets. I chose to travel to Venice in November when tourists were few and the weather was in the high 50’s every day. The flights were cheaper and my room was beautiful and so reasonable.

Photo PrintsVenice, Italy

Among all the breathtaking sites I visited and viewed, there was also the sad, the street beggars who were well versed in their daily trecks to St. Mark’s Square. I only saw 2 women on a daily basis. I offered the woman picured here some coins in exchange for the honor of photographing her face. Tears came to her eyes and I felt like she was shamed, but being a photographer, I had to tell her story.

A must have for Venice in the Aqua Alta season, which is really anytime of year now. I only experienced it once. These Wellies kept my feet perfectly dry and they looked good too!


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