I’m Cold, I’m Happy…The Beauty of Winter

Being a New Englander, I am used to the cold in Winter and early Spring. Every year I look forward to that big Nor’Easter to dump a foot or more snow on the hard frozen ground and make everything a big blanket of white. People think I’m crazy, wanting only to have Winter disappear before the snow becomes a burden. But I have other plans. I love the glistening tree branches with their weighted boughs that sparkle in the bright sun making everything look like a frosty winter wonderland.

I like to wake up early in the coldest but brightest space of the day. I have the luxury of waiting for the plows and sanders to do their work before I venture out to capture the first photos of the day in those morning hours when everything is still clean and white. Red berries are encased in ice and drip with frozen drops. This is the only time of year they will look like this and for the birds, they will make a delightful treat.

I cruise the neighborhoods on foot and by car, stopping for every little thing of incredible beauty that Mother Nature has bestowed. The tall grasses of Summer and Fall become icy feathers, drooping ever so gently holding only as much ice as its tender weight will allow.

This goes on for hours until I get cold and head back home to sit in front of a toasty fire and wait for sunset. The best snowstorms come with pretty evening sunsets and once again I am outside photographing the incredible beauty.

When people aske me why I love Winter, I merely say “for its beauty” and wait for the next snowstorm to blanket my world.

The next morning, I am out and about again, still seeing things I missed the day before, taking in all I can capture before it all melts and becomes yet another beautiful photographic memory.

Goodbye Winter, and Thank You……….


  1. Beautiful photos Mary. I can see the depth and color in them that the eye does not take the time to see. Thanks for sharing!


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